Police Department

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Core Values

Loyalty — Integrity — Professionalism


The members of the Sabattus Police Department are committed to the needs of the Town and its citizens.  We will continually focus on improving our leadership and services.  Our objective is to ensure the best quality of life for the citizens of the community by promoting and delivering a true feeling of safety and security and by protecting life and property.  Trust, respect and fairness will always be synonymous with our law enforcement endeavor.

We strive to be an asset to our community in several ways:

  • Trust:  Keeping the trust of the community thriving and strong, by providing assistance and support as needed in a respectful and helpful manner. 
  • Vigilance:  Careful attention and watch over our community, to protect our citizens and property from crime, violence and disruptions.
  • Education:  Continue the education and training of our officers.
  • Ethics:  A code of behavior, a set of moral principles and conduct we model.
"Protecting our Citizens Today with Loyalty, Integrity and Professionalism"

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Sheila Wetherbee Chief of Police
Daniel Davies Lieutenant
Michael Chaine Patrol Sergeant
Richard Stanton Officer
Christopher Miller Officer
Gregory Mailhot Officer
Peter Theriault II Officer
John Dalbec School Resource Officer
Jeffrey Cooper Animal Control Officer
Missy Kelly Administrative Assistant